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Right now, I'm a click away from using an SQL injection attack to gain access to the database of this website and gain your login credentials, as well as your IP address. I'll then proceed to leak your IP address onto my hacker forums, and then using an IP locator, I'll easily find your house and your name. With that I can access your social media accounts and proceed to ruin your life. You think I'm bluffing? You think that just because a bunch of 7 year olds say they can "hack", but actually can't, that I can't either? Let me shatter that facade for you. Using my team of hackers, we can trace what websites you've visited and what keystrokes you've used, and with that, I can get into your parents' bank account. I can drain it and make you dirt poor. Have you ever felt what it's like to be homeless? Well, you're about to. I can also use cross-site scripting to redirect your web browser to one of my private sites, and download illegal files onto your computer and get your parents locked up in prison. I'm your worst nightmare, and I'm about to make you endure living Hell. I'm nowhere and everywhere at the same time. Have fun regretting your existence, kiddo.